1. Beta Version 1.1


    Today we are launching Locket Beta 1.1. We are now removing the cap on the number of paid swipes per hour. Before, you were limited to earn 3 cents per hour. Now, the first time you see a new ad every day, you are paid 1 cent. The more advertisers we have, the more you can earn.

    We’re going to be honest - at the beginning you won’t see very many new ads. We grew more quickly than we planned and we ran out of ads to show. We are incredibly busy building partnerships with new advertisers to bring on board. But for the next week or two, you might only see 10 or so new ads per day. We know it sucks, but hang in there - it’s the good and the bad that comes with being beta testers. We refuse to show Locket users spammy ads, we are trying our best to make sure you only see beautiful, print-quality advertisements.

    As we get more advertisers on board, you will start earning more than you did before. If we get enough advertisers to show 100 ads per day, you will make $1.00 per day, when before you were making $0.28 on average, according to Locket analytics. FYI – the average number of times Locket users check their phones per day is over 100.

    We are all in this together. The Locket team is working around the clock to get more high-quality advertisements that you would like to see on your lock screen. So, please let us know the brands you would like to see so we can hit them up.

    By the way, on Locket Beta version 1.1, you will be able to boost your earnings with the new “Earn More” feature!

    Thanks for being our loyal Locket testers.

    — Christopher


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